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Graduation Ceremony 2023

🎓 Edulink Graduation Ceremony 2023: Celebrating Success! We're thrilled to announce the success of the Edulink Graduation Ceremony 2023, held on July 23rd at the Pan Pacific Hotel. The event was a proud moment for hard working and dedicated graduates...

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Get to know IELTS

In this first of three seminars, Teacher Joko will discuss the IELTS broadly, looking at all 4 parts of the test. Facts and fiction, tips on how to prepare for the test and a workshop to help you understand...

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Graduation Ceremony 2022

တက္ကသိုလ်ပညာရေးအတွက်မရှိမဖြစ်လိုအပ်သော အင်္ဂလိပ်စာ စွမ်းရည် ကို မြှင့်တင်ဖို့ လိုအပ်နေပြီဆိုရင်တော့ Edulink Myanmar မှာဝင်ရောက်လေ့လာလိုက်ပါနော်

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