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My learning Journey at EDULINK

My name is Nang Mo Laing.  

I’ve been learning at EDULINK for a few months. When I started learning, I was really worried because I thought I wouldn’t understand what the teachers said but I was completely wrong. All the teachers speak very clearly and are easy to understand. As we are Myanmar students, sometimes we can’t understand teachers but they are very patient. One of the interesting things is the EDULINK textbook called ‘EVOLVE’ which benefits our speaking, reading, listening especially critical thinking. We also need to do homework on ‘Cambridge’ website which is very helpful. We can attend practice sessions for weekends. If we need help or didn’t understand in lessons we can ask the coach. We have coaches for each class. From the beginning of studying till now I have confidence in speaking, find it easier to listen and have almost perfect writing. Thanks to the fact that I have chosen to learn at EDULINK.

Nang Mo Laing
September 30, 2021

Academic English

During my Academic English Class at Edulink, I have improved note taking skills, research skills and presentation skills which I definitely need for my future study, then I also enjoy the way teachers guide us on reports writing techniques as well.

Nang Mya Sandar Thein
January 31, 2020

Student of EDULINK

Hi! I am Stephanie. I started attending EDULINK from the upper intermediate class and now, I’ve finished the advanced 4 class. Through more than 1 year of study at EDULINK, my English skills have improved significantly and I am able to speak fluently in English too. I intend to finish all advanced levels and achieve a high level in English skills. Teachers and staff here always give me such good instructions and help me so much that I am very glad that I joined EDULINK in the very first place.

January 31, 2020

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